How to make a yes/no question in German

To make a yes/no question, just put the verb at the beginning of the sentence like that :
- Sprechen Sie Deutsch? = Do you speak German?
- Kommen Sie aus den USA? = Do you come from USA?
- Arbeiten Sie in Berlin? = Do you work in Berlin?
- Wohnen Sie in Deutschland? = Do you live in Germany.

To answer in the positive, use "Ja" :
Ja,Ich komme aus den USA.
Ja,Ich arbeite in Berlin.

To answer in the negative, use the word "nicht" (not). Unlike in English, you don't need to make any other changes to the sentence in German.

Ich komme nicht aus den USA. = I don't come from USA.
Ich wohne nicht in Deutscland. = I don't live in Germany.
Ich arbeite nicht in Washington. = I don't work in Washington.
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